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I’ve written numerous papers and blog posts on publishing and peer review:

Data archiving:

Vines TH (2014)  Scientific community: Journals must boost data sharingNature, 508, 44.

Vines TH et al. (2014) The availability of research data declines rapidly after publication. Current Biology, 24, 94-97. [media coverage catalogued on Altmetric]

Vines TH “How should we decide what data should be archived at publication?“. Dryad (blog post), 2nd Feb 2013.

Vines TH et al. (2013) Mandated data archiving greatly improves access to research data. The FASEB Journal, 27, 1304-1308.


Andrew RL, Albert AYK, … Vines​ TH (2015) Assessing the reproducibility of discriminant function analysesPeerJ, 3:e1137

Gilbert KJ, Andrew RL, … Vines TH (2012) Recommendations for utilizing and reporting population genetic analyses: the reproducibility of genetic clustering using the program STRUCTURE. Molecular Ecology 21, 4925-4930.

Peer Review:

Vines TH. (2015) The core inefficiency of peer review and a potential solutionLimnology & Oceanography Bulletin 24, 34-36.

Vines TH. “The Famous Grouse – Do Prominent Scientists Have Biased Perceptions of Peer Review?The Scholarly Kitchen (blog post), Feb 1st 2012.

Vines TH. “Is Peer Review a Coin Toss?The Scholarly Kitchen (blog post), Dec 8th 2011.

Vines TH, L Rieseberg and H Smith (2009) No crisis in supply of peer reviewers. Nature 468, 1041.


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